"And he repents. His eyes were full of tears when the Prosecutor Caspar Camels sounded the charge. I was there. But the fact remains, he doesn't deny what he's done," said Drebnieks. The lawyer admits that pedophile and victim of violence.

It is known that the pedophile held in a cell with five other men, also suspected of sexual offences. According to preliminary data, one of the inmates knew one of the girls, so I decided to get even.

For more information on this case is not disclosed.

We will remind, 20-the summer man who is suspected of serious sexual offences involving violence against minors, were detained in August 2015. Man attacked Schoolgirls in the entrances of apartment buildings in Imanta and Zasulauks in 2014 and 2015.

Specialists has reviewed and recognized the suspect sane: he cooperated with the investigation and testified about the crimes committed.

In February, the case file was submitted to the Riga district Prosecutor's office.