In 2010, the Vidzeme suburb Court appointed Kulkov by an administrator for the insolvency process of the natural person who couldn't pay the rent. Kulkov had to sell the apartment at auction and the money back to the Bank. She delayed the process, sold the apartment for 58 000 euros, but the money is not returned to the Bank.

The police found out that obtained from the rent amount Kulkova regularly did Bank transfer to the account of your credit card. Then she withdrew the money through ATM. Bank statement shows that a visit to the ATM was happening almost every working day. For example, 17 Dec 2014 was charged 1100 euros, and December 19 - 3260 euros. On Commission of Swedbank earned EUR 150. The amount withdrawn from the account was conducted from 2011 to the spring of 2015.

During the investigation it was noted that there are more than 15 episodes in which Kulkova acted in a similar way. Neither the police nor the Prosecutor's office did not disclose how many of the insolvency proceedings the administrator of the appropriated funds.

According to the calculations of More personīga made according at the disposal of transfer material, Danute Kulkova withdrew cash from ATMs more than 500 000 euros.

The chief of the police Department for combating economic crimes Peteris Bauska said that Kulkov is not the only administrator against whom the investigation is being conducted. "The state police in 2016 filed 16 criminal cases on the activities of insolvency administrators and the same number of cases transferred to Prosecutor's office," said Peteris Bauska.

In the Administration of insolvency admit that in the past year for non-payment of money to the creditors from the post was removed 5 administrators. In 2015, was suspended 4 administrator. All cases prosecuted.