ASF detected in four wild boars in Kaunata parish, Rezekne region, in one case of the disease diagnosed in Jelsovsky and Barkauskas counties Madona region, in Varchavskoe parish Markovskogo edges and in Raiskuma parish Palowitch region.

Just this year Achs is revealed already at 411 wild boars in 127 parishes of the edges 46 and in the same city. And in 2014 stated 1676 sick ASF wild boar.

The last case of ASF in domestic pigs was recorded on 9 September 2015.

ASF is a very dangerous and easily transmitted viral disease of pigs. In areas where diagnosed with this disease, you need to score all became, therefore, the outbreak of this disease caused great economic losses to pig producers. For people of African swine fever is not dangerous.