Washington received information about the militants from Israeli spy in the ranks of ISIS, said the sources. He told the American side that the terrorists want to make a blast on the flight, which goes to the United States, carrying the bomb on Board the plane in the notebook. In the US, the information is considered trustworthy, in connection with what authorities are talking about banning on carrying laptops on flights to and from Europe.

In the statement to ABC News after trump shared these information with Lavrov, the life of a spy is in danger. The Israeli side, providing information to the United States, insisted that it should remain confidential.

According to TV channel, assistant to trump national security Herbert McMaster considered acceptable to provide this information, in particular due to the fact that in October 2015 the attack of the Russian aircraft A321 "Kogalymavia" flying from the Egyptian resort of Sharm El-Sheikh to St. Petersburg, crashed in the Sinai Peninsula. Then killed all on Board 217 passengers and seven crew members. According to TASS, McMaster officially confirmed that trump divulged confidential information.

Last week it became known that Washington may not be able to take laptops into the cabin of the aircraft arriving in the U.S. from European countries. However, in the U.S. Department of homeland security stressed that a final decision on the extension of the ban is still pending.

A similar rule, States have already introduced at the end of March in respect of flights from 10 major international airports, located in Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. As reported, Washington fears that passengers from these countries can carry on Board explosive devices under the guise of computers. In this regard, in salon it is possible to take only a mobile phone.

Earlier Tuesday, McMaster said at a briefing that trump did not commit any violations, sharing with Lavrov the data that are relevant to the fight against terrorism.

With allegations that trump could share with Lavrov and Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak top secret information about ISIS* first made by the newspaper The Washington Post. By trump, commenting on the publication, said that as head of state had the right to share information with Russia.