Like many parents, Julia Eckert, a leading transmission Māmiņu klubs, are concerned that modern children spend little time outdoors, they have fewer opportunities to find new friends and live chat.

Julia remembers his childhood: in the yard had so many friends and fun games that she was often left without the lunch and received many comments because I didn't come home on time. Favorite games Yulia were "cops and robbers", "the sea worries time" and, of course, "hide and seek". "I try to keep my children every day at least an hour spent outside the home, in the fresh air. Together we all play our favorite "hide and seek" and "tag," — said Julia.

Favorite childhood games of the presenter and representatives of the public movement for moms Babyroom Anne's commissions were "classics" and "broken telephone", which she taught and her daughter Emilia. Together they often play "hide and seek", "broken phone" and "Amelia" favorite "tag". Anna remembers the game "jump stone", and play with the repetition of gestures and movements of the leader. The older children played in the yard "mafia". "I still have warm memories of childhood, about the games in the yard and my mom's voice calling for lunch," said Anna.

Journalist Ansis Bogustovs at the time most liked "cops and robbers style Carnikava". After all, without the mischief does not grow no child. "It was fun to spit wild grapes, to sabotage the garden. The yard was my "social platform" where we met with the friends, with humor, tells Bogustovs. Their children we taught games of "hide and seek", "hopscotch", "higher ground" and "tag". These games are really active, allow you to have some fun, make some noise and to produce extra energy. Favorite game is "hide and seek": this is a guaranteed adrenaline rush, sprint and freedom of imagination. The youngest of our team once arranged a hide-and-seek in the store, which caused panic among parents. The others too did not lag behind — from where you stand, the son of hour waited, while it was not found".

Una Gavar, mother of seven children and the author of the blog Mnemozine, summer of my childhood spent in darshini grandma and grandpa. Her favorite game was the "rubber bands". "On our street lived more girls than boys, so the games were rather girly. Above rubber band we jumped into the "three floor" and in many different combinations. When we got tired of games for girls, we walked the neighboring streets to play together with the boys and Skoda — to carry apples and cherries, to escape on bicycles from the evil aunts. We were divided into teams and played in something similar to "cops and robbers", — shared memories U. Gavar. For many, their time spent in the yard, begins to decrease, especially for preschoolers, but because I'm glad the initiative Danonki to create a page of children's games".