Meeting with Posner in Latvia satisfied with enviable regularity. And every time the presenter easily assemble a full house, despite the fact that tickets cheap you will not name, and in the social networks of his critics and then portend the beginning of his end. Especially after the scandalous story on the program "Minute of fame" in which Posner has not given a berth in the finals of the dancer with no feet on the basis that a physical limitation does not allow to judge objectively.

Mr Putin himself admits that Latvia connects more than touring — his wife then the country. And readily recalls his first visit to Riga in 1968.

"I arrived in the summer, one. It was a bad time in my personal life, so was looking for loneliness. Sat on the train and went for a 65 km from Riga — in Zvejniekciems. Fishing village with large, solid houses... Began to search the room. Was walking down the street saw a man, a short, graying, wiry, in camouflage pants. I asked him — he looked sternly, and said, Russian is not give up. Then I decided to go to the other side: "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" He replied: "Ja-Ja!". Talking. In the end he gave me a room. And told about their fate. He spent 10 years in the camps. said, I'm not complaining, because your shot a lot, so 10 years is normal... in the Evenings he arrived his father Carl. In bourgeois Latvia he was holding two vegetable stalls. In the Soviet — was one of the first chairmen of the collective farm. I asked him, when was better? He said... now. Then life was good, but I had a lot of work. And now we live well, but you can do nothing".

Posner spoke about their observations of modern Latvia. "I'm on the radio said that we were promised that when freed, will live in France or Germany, but did not. Why? I asked: why do you want to live like France or Scandinavia, and not Latvia? If it was my house, I absolutely do not want to he was. You can imagine that the Frenchman will say: I want to live in England? Yes, God forbid! In Russia I also see this strange combination. On the one hand, they say that the mind can not understand it, and with another — the Russian wants to be on someone similar. Americans are bad, but wearable jeans and Coca-Cola drink. National psychology is a very interesting question".

The moderator noted that in the entire history of his meetings with the audience to the microphone never came Latvian Latvian, their attitude to the Russian, and not asked a question. "I keep thinking why? They are not interested I? I say, they all left. I know they left most often to England. And how many will return, in connection with brecitos".

Posner gave his farewell and the local Russian: "I say to you there are bad... But I have some ask: and you learned the language? I respond: why?! But then I have a question, what do you want? You live in a country that has its own language and culture, so make a little effort. Why, when people come to England or America, they consider it necessary to learn the language? But not here? Don't understand".

Overall, the meeting lasted two hours, during which Posner outlined his vision on the topics that concern him and answered questions from the audience.

  • 1. World politics: trump, Putin, marine Le Pen, nuclear war and pacifists
  • 2. Russia and the Russians: the scandal at the 'Moment of glory', fatal Orthodoxy, the fifth column
  • 3. The choice of Posner: a profession that deals with conscience, the confusion, the formula for success