The Museum of earth MSU

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To get under the spire of the University, it is not necessary to be a teacher or a University student. Or reckless roofer climbing on Stalin's star. Little-known Museum of earth Sciences, the chief charm of which is that it is at 200 meters altitude, opens its doors to all, who orders a tour. Collections of minerals, insects and stuffed animals is, of course, fine. But there is something better — the opportunity in the course of excursions to go on a circular balcony on the 32nd floor of the MSU. The ordering of walks — either in the Museum or from third party organizers.

Restaurant Buono

Restaurants in the former hotel Ukraina (now the Radisson Royal) eight. However, a good overview can boast of only one of them — Italian Buono, a project of the Ginza Project. The property is on the 29th and 30th floors of a renovated Stalin skyscraper. From the huge Windows (the most "smokin '" tables are located along the perimeter) opens a circular panorama of Moscow. Menu — pasta, pizza, risotto and indispensable for the restaurant, designed to seat above the middle class, "exotic" kind of langoustines, octopus and sea bass.

Ostankino TV tower

Ostankino TV tower height can be compared approximately with a 120-storey building (it is 540 meters). At the time of construction in 1960-e years it was the largest building in the world. The tour of the tower includes a story about the history and design features of the towers and visit the viewing platforms. Them here two: closed (at the height of 337 meters) and outdoor (340 metres). View from Guell Park is absolutely fantastic, but it is better to choose to visit a clear day.

The Sixty Restaurant

Sixty proudly calls itself "the highest restaurant of Europe", and it (a rarity for the advertising of a syllable) is not an exaggeration. At least until then, until he opened restaurants in London The Shard. The place is located on the 62nd floor of a skyscraper "West" in the tower "Federation". The types from there to Moscow city and Moscow itself shot down breathing, and even if you take a table in the center of the room, you can still freely walk along the Windows. Some arrange the boardwalk with binoculars. Regularly the staff of the restaurant — to the delight of visitors — open one of the Windows. The glass panel slides back, and you can put your head out "on the street".


Hence, with the height of 80 meters, offers one of the best views of Moscow: the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Shukhov and Ostankino TV tower, the huge dome of the sports complex "Luzhniki", the blue skyscrapers of Moscow city, the House on Mosfilmovskaya, embankments and Stalin's skyscrapers — all this, even without binoculars, is easily visible on a clear day. The observation deck on the Sparrow hills appeared together with the new building of Moscow state University in 1953. Today there are regular bikers are going to brag before each other of cool motorcycles, parked the wedding service and posing for centerfolds. And the last time this place was famous for grandiose laser show.

Ivan The Great Bell Tower

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It was from this steeple the expression goes, "full Ivanovo" — near her when something was read in the hearing of Royal decrees, which could be heard even in the Ivanovo area. For two centuries the bell tower was the tallest structure in Moscow. Today it is a Museum of architectural history. Along with the tour you can climb to 25-meter height in the 137 steps. Just like Juncker Life guards hussar regiment Mikhail Lermontov, which in the XIX century wrote: "Who never was on top of Ivan the Great,... he has no idea about. From October to April, the entrance to the bell tower is closed.

City Space Bar

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A bar with a crazy panorama is located on the 34th floor of the hotel "Swissotel Red Hills Moscow". At an altitude of 140 metres unobstructed view: no ugly construction site next door, no part of the building in which you actually are. Here as in the palm of Stalin's skyscrapers, the tube on the Garden, the Kremlin and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and for that, alas, will have to pay. The menu has a lot of strange cocktails starting from the "TRANS-Siberian Express train" (with sea-buckthorn jam) to the "gloom of Celery" (of course, with sendereihe tincture).

The Sky Lounge Restaurant

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"Sky lounge is one of the old - timers in the company capital of panoramic restaurants. It is located on the 22nd floor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, directly under the metal designs of Golden color, because of which the building and was given the nickname "Brains". Views — pictorial-eco-friendly: right — thicket Neskuchny garden, on the left — deserted quays of the Moscow river. Research staff in the restaurant did not meet — do not allow prices.

The Cathedral Of Christ The Savior

Few people know that the largest Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church (at a height of more than a hundred meters, total area — nearly 4,000 square meters) also has a viewing platform. Four of them, and they are placed between the bell towers of the temple, on a 40-meter height. From there, of course, clearly visible from the Kremlin, seen the streets and houses of old Moscow, Novy Arbat, Poklonnaya Gora. To get to the observation deck, you can excursions, which are organized in the temple every hour, from 9.00 to 18.00 (200 rubles — in the group, 390 rubles - individually).