4% respondents completely agree with the statement about the need for the demolition of monuments, 10% of respondents "rather agree". 8% were undecided.

Increased and the proportion of positively evaluating the role of Lenin in history. In 2006, the "wholly positive" and "positive" people thought it was 11% and 29%, in 2016 — 13% and 40%, and in the latest survey — 15% and 41% respectively. "Rather negative" role Lenin found the 17% and "very negative" to 5% of the respondents. 23% were undecided.

More than a quarter — 26% — of respondents said that the memory of Lenin remain, but "no one will follow his path". According to 23%, Lenin "led the country towards progress," and 21% felt that his ideas "have been distorted" followers. 19% of respondents are of the opinion that Lenin led the people "to a brighter future", and 15% (you can choose more than one answer) said that he led the country "on the wrong track and this was the cause of many misfortunes and troubles".

According to 11%, Lenin was wrong about communism, and another 6% think that his ideas "in the future century, will illuminate others 'paths to a better life".

About a third of respondents (31%) want Lenin's body remained in the Mausoleum on red square. 32% of respondents offer to bury him at the Kremlin wall, and another 26% in the Volkov cemetery in St. Petersburg.

The survey was conducted from 31 March to 3 April in 48 Russian regions, among 1.6 thousand people.