The famous German autobahn, which during the Second world sat down Soviet fighter planes, of course, attract the travellers. Besides it is extremely interesting to see BMW and Audi with German numbers: as a rule, these machines are worn here with cosmic speed on the highway. And when you're speeding at 160-180 km/ hour, inadvertently pose the question: what is the speed then "fly" they⁈ But, surprisingly, to give way to such vehicles here, even nice.

Look at the spectacular junction of four or five levels each large German cities, to feel their own body then that changing direction, you absolutely do not decrease at the same speed — one more reason to travel around Germany by car. We have such an interchange if they appear, then just in another life. So it makes sense to be happy for himself and for the Germans, and the rise of engineering in another country.

7 стран, по которым приятно путешествовать на автомобиле
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Traveling through Germany by car, you should bear in mind that all of the toilets at petrol stations along the autobahns, the Germans have done for the last couple of years paid. However, part of the cost of tokens for going to the toilet you can return, if immediately, in the shop at the gas station to buy something: even chocolate, even beer.

The network of roads (and highways, and secondary, and even rural) here is quite thick, so very comfortable to travel from one land to another. For example, to go from Rhineland‑Palatinate with its wine routes to Baden‑württemberg lake Constance. Or Vice versa to pass from Bavaria in the South to the land of Saarland in the West.