Traveler on weekends

7 самых распространенных типов путешественников и их любимые способы отдыха
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You love to travel, but even more you love your eight-hour day, and you are ready to fail for six months in order to travel the world? Don't worry, you can still take a short trip on the weekend.

Search for cheap flights, fly Friday night and return on Sunday, for a short time getting all that call on a short trip.

Expert of all time and the inspiration to travel on the weekends is the author of the blog "48houradventure" named Chris. He is an Aussie living in London and working in the it sector, who spends his weekends going to different parts of Europe. If you know that traveling on weekends is for you, be sure to visit this amazing 48-hour guide to see what can be done in 48 hours anywhere in the world.

Hunters travel

7 самых распространенных типов путешественников и их любимые способы отдыха
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Hunters are the best deals. You follow all social networks and sites of the airlines, always ready to acquire the bargain travel or cheap plane ticket? If you can easily change your daily routine and you "own boss", this type of travel is for you. Very often, the most attentive visitors notice the social networking good deals, pack your bags and hit the road. This is a great opportunity to travel is advantageous for a relatively free people who plan the time.

Travelers French class with hobby

If in everyday life stress is your best friend, then the obvious choice is the comfortable trip on any of the resorts of Club Med. The French company Club Med was founded more than 60 years ago. The company's success lies in the carefully selected services are All Inclusive, which especially emphasize the possibility to develop their skills under the guidance of professional trainers in any hobby while traveling. System Club Med offers 75 exclusive towns on five continents. All cities are located in the most beautiful and ecologically clean places. The adventurous tourists looking at the "all inclusive" high, but this impression is not true. The most important different from the standard "all inclusive" resorts that vacationers have the unique opportunity to study under instructors in Golf, Alpine skiing, tennis, sailing and even a trapeze act of the circus under the guidance of Cirque du Soleil".

The charm of these trips is that everything is prepared for you. You simply choose one of the most beautiful places on the planet to relax and learn new skills under the guidance of professionals, and everything else to take care of your travel agent.

Backpacking or a traveler with a backpack

7 самых распространенных типов путешественников и их любимые способы отдыха
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Backpacking is a kind of travel budget. Do not have to be a hippie, but a fanatic of cognition of the world and world cultures to not be hurt. This kind of travel is contrary to that Club Med offers, besides travellers with backpacks often go into long term travel. Many backpackers are young people, but there are always exceptions. In backpacks there is most necessary. Usually the journey passes in a continuous movement from one place to the next, staying in the cheapest accommodation.

In Latvia it is less popular but in some countries already almost a tradition is to travel with a backpack during the "Gap Year" ("missing year" when young people go travelling or find herself before entering the University). Usually this enlightened year of travel around the world before you start a so-called "adult life". Often, such travel combined with volunteering.

Group travel

7 самых распространенных типов путешественников и их любимые способы отдыха
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Ruled by the stereotype that traveling in group is sent only to the older generation. Actually group trips are designed for those who are looking for like-minded people of any age with common interests and Hobbies. Often the desire to travel exceeds the ability to find a good travel companion.

Group travel ideal for sociable, friendly and open to travelers, who are attracted not only beautiful and planned a trip, but also fellow travelers with similar interests. It will be the right choice for those who any fears of a language barrier.

Traveler activities

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Music lovers and sports fans - this type of travel for you. You wish to visit the most important events of world sport and the most popular music festivals to see everything with your own eyes? Usually travel suggestions for events include a ticket to a sports or entertainment event, or other services, e.g., hotel, cheap bus ticket or a plane, or on site delivery of the event.

Educational tourism

7 самых распространенных типов путешественников и их любимые способы отдыха
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Educational tourism is a completely other way of travelling, which is most often used by schoolchildren and students. Study abroad or summer language courses is another option of combining the pleasant with the useful. Study abroad gives you the opportunity to see the new place and learn the culture of another people, and the most motivated are able to successfully combine study with travel to the nearest district.

Stay in another country provides new opportunities and allows more profitable to visit the neighbouring country. Besides, studying abroad means staying in a multinational environment that will provide not only mastering a new language, but also give the opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world, who will always be happy to invite you to visit.