— Peter, stop this funny business, it's time for your lessons.
— Now, I still play a bit...
— Peter, what is this game — to go for a cat! — in the mother's voice is heard irritation.
— You're not three years, and nearly ten!
— So I would computer to play, quickly responds " well, freckled Peter. — Yes you won't let me!
— Computer — it's bad for the eyes! — didactically said the mother. — The doctor in the clinic said no more than an hour a day. And the Internet, I also read...
— And I'm half an hour! Here half an hour, and everything! — sly Petina muzzle becomes like a cat touching (close contact with a cat is clearly not in vain).
— Mommy, may I?
— First you need to do the lessons.
— Then I'll play...
— Quit stalling! — almost out of a mother. — As you can back to night to profiledata! Sat down, did — and then do what you want! Though draw, though the book read, at least the model pack that dad got you...
— And she's not going...
— Yes, you tried really! Started and quit, just like everything you do! — I don't! It is difficult, I wish my dad helped me... I maybe also want my dad helped me, but where is he? Where? — increases the voice of the mother. — So he remembered that he had a son, and you said finally like a man, you first need to do a job, and then... I gasped, I told you!
— Mom, can I eat cottage cheese first, and then immediately... there's something I want...
— Lessons! — screaming mother. — You half an hour ago, had dinner! Take the books and sit at the table, I told you! Otherwise I don't know what you do...
— Now, now, only some water to drink... and go to the toilet...
An hour later.
— Well, you did the exercise? Haven't I copied? Yeah, what's to rewrite, in the same eight lines. Again, why do you have cars on the Desk?! (cars flying into the corner). How many times can you say game — play, and lessons — learned! What am I, you are ever-present stand as in first class?! It's like I have my own things no...
— Yeah, " nods Peter. "You wait a bit, perhaps. But what letter is there to insert?
— You yourself should know! We're half a day the day before the rule was taught.
— I forgot.
— And you remember. Or flipped through a paragraph in the book read.
— You'd better tell me all. From serenity FILIAL face of his mother begin to shake hands. She is restrained with his last strength, because he knows that yelling at children is not educational.
After another hour.
— What the responses in these examples are from the ceiling they wrote?
— No, I've decided.
— But how do you decide if you have five plus three makes four?!
— But... didn't I notice...
— And what is the task?
— Yeah I don't know how to solve it. Let's come together.
— And you even tried? Or looked out the window and the cat played?
— Of course, I did, with no mind Peter. — A hundred times.
— Show me the piece of paper where you wrote the solution.
— And I tried...
After another hour.
— What you asked for English? Why doesn't anything recorded?
— Didn't have any.
— It does not happen. We Marya Petrovna specifically at the meeting warned: I give homework every lesson!
— But this time not asked. Because she has a headache.
— Why is it that?
— And her dog for a walk... escaped the blonde... ish...
— Stop lying to me! — squeals the mother. — Times did not record the assignment, sit down and do all the tasks for this lesson!
— I'm not, they didn't ask us!
— Will, I said.
— I will not! — Peter throws the notebook, after flying the tutorial. Mother grabs him by the shoulders and shakes with some almost unintelligible angry mumbling, which veiled words: "lessons", "work", "school", "janitor" and "your father". Then both crying in separate rooms. Then makes up. The next day everything is repeated again.