Recall that unlike independence Day, celebrated on 18 November, public transport in Riga is not free, and the transport runs along the route of the day.

At all car parks managed by the company "Rīgas satiksme", may 4, you can leave your car free of charge with the exception of the underground Parking is on street Kr. Valdemāra street 5A — here you need to pay in accordance with the established tariff.

The minibuses, like other forms of public transport may 4 ply according to the schedule output and festive days.

In addition, in connection with the celebration of the day of restoration of independence of the Republic of Latvia and the opening of the Latvian national Museum of art there are changes in public transport routes that pass close to the mentioned Museum. A full list of these changes can be found on the website Riga municipality.

4 may in history

4 мая в Латвии: концерты, богослужения, открытие музея и парад в Краславе

For the first time Latvia managed to achieve independence 98 years ago — on 18 November 1918 in Riga was proclaimed "the Act of independence", according to which Latvia became an independent state. However, the first period of independence lasted only 21 years. In 1939 after signing the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, Latvia was included into the sphere of interests of the Soviet Union, and soon thereafter began the period of Soviet occupation.

To restore the independence of the country was possible only in 1990. It was may 4, 1990 the Supreme Soviet of the Latvian SSR by a majority of 136 out of 201 votes made the fateful decision — voted for the independence of the Republic of Latvia. Since in this day in Latvia is a public holiday.

Riga: concerts and flower-Laying ceremony at the monument of freedom

4 мая в Латвии: концерты, богослужения, открытие музея и парад в Краславе
Foto: LETA

4 may 2016 residents and guests are invited to a rich concert program to the freedom Monument. It will begin with performances by a brass band employees of educational institutions, immediately after which will begin a concert "Melodies of the Motherland", during which the audience will see the many orchestras of the Latvian cities, as well as their soloists. In turn, the evening will be a concert of "Our voices — Freedom", during which spectators will see the combined choir under the direction of conductor INTA Teterovskis, artists Ieva akuratere, Daumont Kalnins, Andris Erglis, Stogova Ieva, Zane dąbrowska and others.

Will start the festive program at the freedom Monument at 11:00. After the morning concerts, at 14:00 will be held a traditional ceremony of laying flowers. And even an hour later, at 15:00, will begin performances of orchestras from Liepaja, Ventspils, Jelgava and Riga.

In the evening, at 20:00 to the attention of the audience will see a combined choir under the direction of conductor INTA Teterovskis, as well as popular national singers Aivars Gudra, Erving znotins, Andris Erglis and dozens of others. Will be performed songs "Truth", "time", "Etude of the Motherland", "Green song" and "mother tongue", and many others.

The organizers of the concert noted that music had great emotional value during Atmoda.

Throughout the day locals and guests alike are invited to participate in the preparation of the composition "Flower Latvia", to watch which can not only Friday, but all next day, until 21:30 Thursday, 5 may.

Festive events at the monument are supported by the Riga city Council. More detailed information on these is available on the page of the Metropolitan government

The opening of the Art Museum

4 мая в Латвии: концерты, богослужения, открытие музея и парад в Краславе

In addition to an extensive concert program, may 4 everyone is invited to the opening ceremony of the Latvian national Museum of art, which will begin at 10.00 and will take place on the site Valdemara street from bulb. Kalpaka street to Elizabetes street. During the event there will be the opportunity to see the renovated Museum and the new exhibition "Latvian art. XIX-XX century", as well as two exhibitions "Miervaldis Policy. Illusion as reality" and "Boris Berzins. Silver/Gold".

Around the Museum building will be performances of the most outstanding Latvian singers — Inga Slubovska-Gancevichi, Elsa Rosenthal, DJ Monsta, limes, Janson, vocal group "Framest" and "Anima Solla" and other musicians. Along with the art program, visitors can visit the outdoor cafes. On the other side of the Museum building, on the Esplanade, the children will be able to take part in a creative workshop "the Path to the Museum". In turn, about the Latvian art Academy everyone will wait in the picnic area on the white tablecloth".

For the whole family

4 мая в Латвии: концерты, богослужения, открытие музея и парад в Краславе
Foto: Shutterstock

Families with children are invited in vērmanes Park, which will host the event, "Hail, Latvia, belongs to you my heart!", in the framework of which there will be a concert program with participation of collectives of national dance and theatre Zīļuks", the saxophone Quartet "N[Ex]T Move", Markus Riva, Karlis of Kazaks, Ieva akuratere and group "Tumsa". Children will also be able to draw, weave, dye, make, participate in sports competitions.

In the Riga Church. John will be concert of "Freedom. Life" in the Church. Peter will take place the concert of choral music you Live forever, Latvia!" Latvian choral songs will be performed at the Great Guild hall during the concert, "Winds of change "in Latvia" and the Latvian national theatre where there will pass a celebratory concert performance featuring dance and choral groups "of the river Daugava".

Armed forces day in Kraslava

4 мая в Латвии: концерты, богослужения, открытие музея и парад в Краславе
Foto: LETA

A rich program in this environment serves the National armed forces. The organizers assure that it will be of interest to those Latvians who, for one reason or another missed a military parade of units of the National Armed forces and Ministry of internal Affairs. According to tradition, it was may 4 in one of the regions of Latvia set a Day of the NAF. This time the choice fell on Latgale, and more precisely — in Kraslava.

At 9:30 in the Roman Catholic Church of St. Ludwig in Kraslava will start a vigil.

At 11:00 on the street street the parade will begin, which will bring together the men and equipment of the Latvian Armed forces, the police, Border guard, GPS, ansatze, and stationed in Latvia units of the US army — only about 600 people. The musical accompaniment of the parade will provide the orchestra of the National Armed forces.

From 12:00 to 15:00 at the city stadium on the street of Count Plater will be an exhibition of weapons, equipment and military equipment.

In addition, if weather conditions permit, in the skies over Kraslava will appear patrolling the airspace of the Baltic fighters Eurofighter Typhoon, which will take off from the airbase ämari airbase in Estonia.

Weather for the holiday

4 мая в Латвии: концерты, богослужения, открытие музея и парад в Краславе

And finally, going to celebrations, we should not forget about the surprises that can give us the weather forecast. The Day of restoration of independence of Latvia, 4 may, the country will be warm and Sunny but sometimes rain is expected and thunderstorms, reports the Agency LETA with reference to the Latvian centre environment, Geology and meteorology.

The first half will be Sunny for almost the entire territory of Latvia the air warms up to 15, 16 degrees.

In the middle of the day will be cloudy, in some places in Kurzeme, Vidzeme and Latgale rain is expected. In the following hours rain is expected in many places, possible thunder. The temperature will rise another few degrees and in the afternoon will reach 19, 21 degrees.

Night the precipitation will cease, again will become clear, and the temperature will drop to 16, 18 degrees.