On Tuesday, the President of the country Petro Poroshenko will attend a number of events dedicated to the anniversary of the disaster, in Kiev will hold a memorial service for the victims.

All the inhabitants of Pripyat were evacuated on 27 April 1986, the day after the crash, then was evacuated the population of the 10-kilometer zone. In the following days, the Soviet government evacuated the population of other settlements in the 30-km zone.

Some of the former residents of the contaminated zone visited her before the anniversary. "I barely found my apartment — there is now a forest, trees grow through the asphalt, on the roof. All the rooms are empty, Windows are broken, everything is destroyed", — told Reuters the 66-year-old Zoe, Perevozchenko, a former resident of Pripyat.

In the charity Bridges to Belarus, which is based in Britain, said that in these areas, still give birth to babies with serious health problems, many people suffer from rare forms of cancer. The day before made a statement about the readiness of the world community to allocate $ 99 million for a new underground radioactive waste repository.

In 2010, work began on the construction of a 25-ton sarcophagus, which is supposed to isolate the uranium remaining in the reactor. According to some estimates, in the frozen reactor of about 200 tons of uranium.

The Chernobyl accident was the biggest commercial nuclear disaster in world history. The explosion had destroyed the fourth reactor of the station, there was a release into the environment of radioactive substances, including isotopes of uranium, plutonium, iodine-131, cesium-134, cesium-137 (halflife 30 years), strontium-90 (half life 28 years).

According to the who, submitted in 2005, as a result of the Chernobyl accident killed up to 4,000 people. In the environmental organization "Greenpeace" sounded different figures: as a result of accident only among the liquidators died tens of thousands of people, say environmentalists.

There is also the opposite point of view, with reference to 29 reported deaths from radiation sickness as a result of the accident, the employees of the station and the firefighters who took the first stab.

According to the Chernobyl Union, an organization uniting the participants of liquidation of consequences of the accident from all of the CIS and the Baltic States — total killed and died from disease to 60 thousand liquidators (10% of the total), 165 thousand became disabled.