1. One who can not have 2/3 day for himself, should be called slave. (C) Friedrich Nietzsche

2. Does not make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do. We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do. (C) Steve jobs

3. Anyone who wants to see the results of their work immediately, should go in the cobblers. (C) albert Einstein

4. Always choose the most difficult way — on it you will not meet competitors. (C) Charles de Gaulle

5. The right decision to delay is a mistake. (C) Lee Iacocca

6. If you think education is expensive, try to find out how much is ignorance. (C) Robert Kiyosaki

7. If your only goal is to become rich, you will never reach it. (C) John Davison Rockefeller

8. Money will not make you happier. I now have 50 million and I'm as happy as when I had 48 million. (C) Arnold Schwarzenegger

9. People don't want to be rich, people want to be richer than others. (C) John Stuart mill

10. Don't say work. Show me what you earned. (C) Thomas Robert Dewar

11. Who works all day has no time to earn money. (C) John Davison Rockefeller

12. Recipe for success: study while others are sleeping