Sometimes we even some time to execute what we set for ourselves in the address book or Evernote, but having been occupied with a couple of weeks at the gym or in Spanish, throw this thing at first under the pretext of like being too busy, and then completely.

Why is this happening? Yes all is simple — we are not used, the load is large, we are tired, and a habit is to do it automatically like brushing your teeth in the morning we had not yet developed.

However, for people like you and I he world has long ago recognized the Japanese practice of "Kaizen", one of the principles which is "the principle of one minute". Its essence is simple — people engaged in a specific case exactly one minute a day and he always does it at the same time.

Judge for yourself: one minute is very little, almost nothing, and to devote this time any business (even one that you hate with every fiber of his soul) is not difficult. Yes that can be done in one minute! — you say. Won't believe a lot of things: to jump on the rope, shake out the rug, to do exercises for the eyes, read a book in a foreign language, push press... when the class is limited to only one minute, it ceases to seem difficult, tedious or impossible.

Thus, gradually moving forward you are getting better. After all, to improve their achievements in something you don't need to run a sprint like Usain Bolt. You still run, albeit a bit slower.

Also important is the fact that doing just one minute, you win my laziness and get rid of uncertainty in their abilities and feel the success. Inspired by this and feeling the strength for more, should increase their activities to five minutes, and then half an hour. It happens almost imperceptibly, and somehow even in itself. Profit!

P. S. People who are not familiar with Japanese culture may decide that this technique is useless and ineffective, so as to obtain high-quality results without significant effort, supposedly, impossible. However, it is not, and the program that require a lot of effort, maybe just to break the person to discourage him to begin anything else. And the principles of "Kaizen" is successfully used in Japan for over half a century, not only in business but also in personal life. The main thing is to determine your needs and, finally, to act.