before the draw at Chelsea said that helps the goalkeeper Atletico Thibault Courtois to play against "blue" in that case, if Atletico will pay compensation - 3 million Euro for every match.

However, later, UEFA made a statement that the Belgian goalkeeper Courtois, whose rights belong to "Chelsea"will play against the London team for free.

" the rules of holding of the Champions League and disciplinary regulations, UEFA has clear provisions that strictly prohibit the clubs to influence or attempt to influence other clubs for or prohibition of the use in the game of those or other players. This means that any provision in the individual agreement between the clubs, which can act has no legal force from the point of view of the UEFA", - reads the statement of UEFA.

League Champions. 1/2 final

real Spain - Bavaria Germany
Atletico Spain - Chelsea England

Matches 1 / 2 Champions League final will be held 22/23 and 29/30 April. The final of the tournament will take Lisbon on 24 may.

in Nyon hosted zherebenka the semi-finals of the Europa League. One couple turned out to Spanish - Sevilla against Valencia. And the other will be rivals Benfica and Juventus.

League Europe. 1/2 final

Sevilla Spain - Valencia Spain
Benfica Portugal - Juventus Italy

Matches 1/2 final of the Europa League will be held on 24 April and 1 may, the final will be held in Turin on 14 may.