These findings Bartulis made during the tournament of Eurovita (Euro Ice Hockey Challenge), which in November last year took Liepaja and where the player assumed the role of team captain.

"Of course, it is good that we are gathered together, only I'm sorry no organization — began Bartulis and explained. — Call a team of players. I also need to fly from Vladivostok. Of course, great to be back home, but, in my opinion, it is necessary to immediately start working, to start packing up the team. But in the end it turns out that no coach, not the team. But local organizers did everything that the tournament turned out memorable. And frankly, from the point of view of a management assessment team was a mess".

"Had any sense to go when a different coach, a different look. What can you say Eric Miluns our current coach (Leonid Beresneva — Approx.) someone from the team can take? Melons invited was only for three games. I can't really get this puzzle, — said the hockey player, adding. — Team there is no organization. Take a look at the national team. In Liepaja may not have been the best composition, but was the head coach and they were playing on calibrated system. We do, unfortunately, was not. It's hard to admit, but our hockey needs to grow, and with such tournaments in Liepaja, we not going nowhere".

Recall that the national team of Latvia on November's EIHC tournament was headed by Eric Miluns who works with the Junior national team (U-18). The tournament then won the Belarusians. And mentor the main team of the country has appeared only recently — in February — three months before the start of the 2016 world Cup. Stage "Eurochallenge" in Liepaja