At the moment, their choice was determined by Poland and Turkey.

To represent Poland at the "Oscar" will be black and white picture of Paul Pawlikowska "IDA", about a young nun who found a dark family secret. The film became one of the most successful Polish releases in the American car - it charges in the U.S. totaled $ 3.6 million dollars. In Europe "IDA" has gathered about 9 million dollars, of which more than 3 million in France alone. Picture last year, won the Grand prize at the London film festival and was awarded the American society of cinematographers. The film is set in Poland in the 1960-ies. In the story, a young nun before tonsure discovers that her family is keeping secrets associated with the Nazi occupation of the country. Movie and looks like it is made in the sixties: the black and white shots are all attributes of the place and time items, music and transgressions of the people, the knowledge of which turns into a major challenge for future nuns, looking deeply into the soul of the poor woman, deciding what to do with the truth about yourself, the other for the genus and tribe, to whom the birth was prescribed one, and the evil hand given to another.

The film "Winter Sleep" Turkish Director Nuri bilge Ceylan nominated Turkey for the award "Oscar" in the category "Best foreign language film". This is the Minister of culture and tourism of Turkey Omer Celik previously said in his Twitter. In may this year, the film "Winter Sleep" was awarded the "Golden palm" 67-th Cannes film festival. The main character is a former actor, who along with his wife and sister manages a small hotel in Cappadocia. Unprecedented snowfall cuts off the hotel from civilization, and it is a refuge for these people and scenery, in which scenes of their lives. The landscape of unearthly beauty, accompanied by piano music of Schubert, coldness, indifference and silence... "Winter sleep" split critical community. The picture inside is controversial, because tends to embrace the unembraceable: not looking up from the Turkish reality, to fit in 3 hours and 15 minutes all the main themes of Russian literature, especially Chekhov and Dostoevsky, but also thick. The characters talk about non-resistance to evil by violence, and other similar matters, are familiar to readers of Russian novels. However, an outstanding fine gift for directing, unique sense of humor and even directing narcissism forced to watch this movie without leaving... "I Hope this film NB Ceylan will achieve the "Oscar" such success as has been achieved in the international arena. Good luck!" - posted by Omer Celik.

87th award ceremony "Oscar" for his merits in the field of cinema for the year of 2014 will be held on 22 February 2015 in Los Angeles. Nominees will be announced January 15, 2015.

Both paintings - "IDA" and "Winter Dream" will be shown at the film festival "Baltic pearl". The detailed program of the festival can be viewed on his official website.