on September 19 at the cinema Citadele will be the last show of works awarded in Cannes "Palme d'or" for the best female role (Julianne Moore) and gathered rave press reviews and audience.

Twenty years it took David Cronenberg, to implement the script, written by him, together with Bruce Wagner in his autobiographical book, "Dead Stars", based on real events and drawing a captivating portrait of a corrupt Hollywood.

Will there be a premiere of the film in the United States, what would be the reaction of those who will find themselves on the screen, what will be the response of the audience, who would have to "peek in the keyhole" and to consider "the wrong side" factory of dreams - all these questions don't have answers. One thing is clear - Cronenberg challenged.

From the comments after the premiere in Cannes:

"Map to the stars"? Yes, it is incredible, on the verge of madness shiny, sharp satire on the corrosive power of Hollywood. Hall was out of breath from laughter.

"The film is painfully pleasant dive into scandalous, crazy side of the film business! A little crazy, a little glamorous sharp satire. Just fun! I laughed, I cried and laughed again! Julianne Moore is a sensation. An absolute favorite in Cannes".

"Map to the stars" - one of the best movies sarcastic and radical by David Cronenberg, the multilayer and unusual film, shot by the great canadian provocateur in the XXI century. Sparkling satire on Hollywood, settled in the genre Gothic cinematographic novel, a philosophical essay on the theme of the fall of manners, in which the incredible density of the action jumps not only from character to character, but from one tone to another. Cronenberg methodically pulls out of the cabinets one skeleton after another, exposing every inhabitant of this brilliant and fake world."