words Аугулиса, the PCs had for indexing pensions according to the basic amount of 250 lats. However, the then Minister of welfare, Ilze Винькеле ("Unity") insisted that "ceilings" indexing should be 200 lats.

We considered that a minimum threshold should be 250 lats. Now all factions agreed that the budget does not open. Perhaps ceilings can raise initiatives for 2015", - said the Minister.

Between the Federation of pensioners hopes that with the change of leadership Минблага social situation in the country will substantially improve. "We hope that in connection with the transition of PCs in the position of their views on social issues has not radically changed," - said the leader of the OP Andris Silins.

New the model, proposed Винькеле, provides that all pensions are indexed same "base amount" (50% of the average insured wage for the previous year). This year "base" is 200 lats. these proposals still needs the approval of the Seimas.