The period between eclipses begins March 9 in 3.57 with a total solar Eclipse, which in Latvia will be invisible, but energy will be quite noticeable. The end of the period of the eclipses will also be physically invisible in Latvia — a total lunar Eclipse is expected on March 23 13:47.

The Creator of the portal Kristaps Bankis: "this time the Eclipse will especially exaggerate on March 9, and on day 23 of March, the planetary giants Jupiter and Saturn lined up in the most that neither is a conflict position. In the period between the eclipses unloaded everything that had accumulated. Will be excavated the hatchet, come out and thousands of karmic working out. Fortunately, Latvia will not be at the forefront of the complications and conflict situations, as horoscope of a country does not have specific worries.

The astrologer also indicates that the influence of the period between eclipses is stronger because of its coincidence with the beginning of the calendar spring is March 20 at 6:30. In General, no stability from one year don't wait, says the astrologer.

After a long observation of eclipses, the astrologer may confidently say that the open hatch of time and fate can be used for many spiritual activities, which subsequently allow us to go beyond the ordinary.

"Eclipses from ancient times, marked as the karmic time for resistance, and better in this period of time not to plan anything neither in business nor in anything else. If you are not sure what you do, better do nothing! This period is suitable in order to think about any bad habits you want to get rid of. For example, Smoking. There are lots of options to help themselves with minimal loss of energy and harmony and calm through this time," said the Creator of

The energy of the solar Eclipse affects the health, increases chronic diseases., it is recommended to lead a moderate lifestyle, not overeat, avoid drinking alcohol, excessive exercise. On the psyche of an adult solar Eclipse has no effect, but keep in mind that you may have to deal with less adequate and common personalities.

During a solar Eclipse, people may lose reputation, and probably also getting into various situations that are degrading. Eclipse can cause unexpected changes in any cases, so be aware that this is a bad time.

The Eclipse energy is felt for at least three days before and three days after the peak of the moment. The lunar Eclipse will affect the internal sphere of man, on the emotional sphere, self-esteem, state of mind and the ability to adapt. It will provoke quarrels, fights and disagreements, which lead to the involuntary state of fear, anxiety, sense of discomfort. Therefore, before a lunar Eclipse, it is better to work with your body and soul at home. It should be remembered that any activity conducted during the lunar Eclipse, resulting in irreversible consequences.