Often on examination, the patients are identified both diagnosis simultaneously. The suffering not only vision, but your brain that constantly перенапрягается and gets distorted information from the eyes. This is causing headaches for a large group of people wearing glasses or lenses.

In one of the most advanced eye clinics in Europe "New Grainss" one procedure, carried out by the method of IQ-LASIK you can in minutes with an excellent outcome get rid of eye problems.

The more recently, you can get laser vision correction with a guarantee 100% result. The eye clinic "New Grainss" is so confident in its result, even if your vision is less than 100%of your money back! More about this exciting campaign can be found on the website of the eye clinic www.eyes.lt. The clinic uses the most modern model excimer laserАллегретто", manufactured by the American company ALCON - the world leader in manufacture of modern equipment for ophthalmology 2.*

For granting of services of higher quality this year was renewed all the diagnostic equipment. According to the senior consultant of the network of eye clinicsNew Grainss" Oleg Kovrigina, it is common practice:

- It is impossible to guarantee 100% result on older hardware, and our clinic prefer to be always confident in the result. Therefore, the normal cycle of equipment is 3 years. The old equipment is written off or sold to a private shopping points. They have enough equipment of the old generation.

For conducting high-precision operations should be same precise nomogram. In our nomogram added new data received new diagnostic equipment, and we are fully ready to accept our patients, who come to us from all over Europe. And moreover, to provide a 100% guarantee. And if eyesight after correction will not 100%, but, say 99% - we will refund the money!

Only the most stringent quality control standards of equipment and daily work of the medical control gives the result.

Our patients content and recommend us to their friends and family.

Watching how many lives we change for the better, for our patients we make another step towards the new vision.

on the Eve of The new year we begin a new contest for the best homemade video with the motivation "Why do I need a laser correction?". This competition will be held every month and will give the opportunity to win a free laser vision correction in the better eye clinic in Lithuania. Read more about this action (link to share).

read More on the method of vision correction IQ-LASIK on our website www.eyes.lt or on the website for foreign patients www.eyestravel.eu.