Petition, posted on January 23 in section of a site of the White house, "We, The People" ("We the people" - the words of the U.S. Constitution), by the morning of January 27, signed by more than 40 thousand people. If to 22 February treatment will gather not less than 100 thousand signatures, formally, the US authorities will have to react to it, but in practice the White house often evades the answer to such a petition, explaining that their subject is not within its competence.

Justin Bieber on Thursday night, January 23, was arrested in Miami beach for driving in a condition of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication. In addition, it appeared that the driver's license Bieber were overdue. The singer was released on bail for 2,5 thousand dollars.

Bieber not for the first time into the field of view of American law enforcement. So, 20 January at his home found the drugs, but the police had no right to detain a singer, as a mansion Bieber searched in another case about property damage neighbor, accusations that he had not presented.