However, in 2009 a group of researchers from the University of Michigan decided to conduct a series of tests. A group of people were forced to walk, waving hands, holding them exactly at the body swinging in "opposed to" steps. Then they cheated mechanical model of the hand and compared the results. It turned out that of waving hands while walking is an important function.

It saves energy to people.

It turned out that people who don't wave their hands in time with the steps, spend 12% more metabolic energy than those who do.

"Normal" method of walking is the most economical for the body. This is when a man leads a right hand step forward with left foot and left hand with right foot. If you force yourself to synchronously waving my legs and left arm forward with the left foot and the same for the right side of the body — that the power consumption increases by 26% compared with the normal method.

And even when researchers are rigidly secured hands of the subjects that they do not have to expend energy to hold their weight, the power consumption compared to normal method was 7% higher.

Scientists explain this by the fact that the body spends much less energy to maintain swing hands back and forth, than to keep them in place. Hands when walking is pendulums. Once running, they do not require much expenditure of energy, especially during walking the body of a man "helps" this movement, almost without requiring the application of the muscles. That's why the "Nordic walking" is such an effective fitness during her arm muscles (and not only hands, but the hands in particular) actually involved, unlike ordinary walk when arms "hang out" useless pendulums.

Over the past five years researchers have made great strides in matters of benefits from walking. There are even studies proving the usefulness of this exercise in relieving symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

And finally — the fact that if you go "weird", limiting the movement of the hands, we spent more energy, does not mean that is the way to go in order to lose weight. If specifically restrict the movement of the arms when walking, it may lead to diseases of the back. If you want to burn more calories while walking — choose Nordic walking.