Tabloid clarifies that the actress is in talks on the participation of at least one sequel. He also writes that the original amount that aniston is planned to receive for the shooting, was even higher, but it declined after the actress got into a list of actors with the most overpriced fees Forbes.

Comedy "We Миллеры" released in August 2013. Jennifer aniston plays in her role stripper rose. It and two teenagers hires the film's protagonist, a petty drug dealer, who needed a fake family to pretend tourists and smuggled through the border of the big cargo наркотиков.

The role of the husband in the "We - Миллеры" starred Jason Судейкис. The Director of the tape was Rawson Marshall Thurber. Fees of the film was nearly $ 270 million, while the budget of the tape was 37 million dollars. Jennifer aniston has received for shooting fee in amount of 5 million долларов.

In the summer of 2013 Jennifer aniston was among the most highly paid Hollywood Actresses according to Forbes. She took the fourth place. The publication has estimated that for the period June 2012 June 2013 she earned 20 million долларов.