As is known, now in Latvia does not envisage the possibility of early voting on elections of the Saeima. Adopted by the Parliament of the amendments provide for the possibility of "the voice of the storage. In practice, this would mean that a voter can vote in advance, but on election day when he wants, he can alter his decision to vote for a different party.

Some MPs even before the approval of the project point to its obvious weaknesses. So, Valdis Liepinsh (PR) has expressed bewilderment in connection with the fact that early voting is allowed only at presence of the passport. Meanwhile, to the following parliamentary elections in Latvia, about 35 000 citizens will only identification cards. The result is that they will put in an unequal position.

In turn Sergey Долгополов("CA") noted that, according to the draft, send voice deposited at 63 polling stations. Thus, this opportunity will be available to residents of 40 119 municipalities of Latvia.