As informs a portal according to some data, the party Committee is not found in the behavior of ex-President of any violations. However, this is difficult to judge, as it is confidential.

According to Commission member Рудите Мартишауски, a conclusion has been passed to the most Zatlers and the Board ETC. In turn, they can, if they wish to familiarize with the text of the public.

Himself Zatlers made it clear to the edition, that he sees no necessity in the disclosure document. In turn, the leader of the party Edmund Демитерсsaid: "And I, and many of the members of the Board condemned the actions Zatlers. I and many other comrades decision of the ethics Commission is puzzling. However, our position is not changed".

Previously Zatlers said that it regrets about visiting fashion show in Lithuania, while Latvia was declared a mourning day for the victims of the tragedy in Zolitude. "I want to apologize to all who insulted his rash act. I admit my mistake and he is very worried about it," said Zatlers on Wednesday Agency BNS. The question compensates for it to the state for reasons of ethics and travel costs protection, according to the law relies him as a former President in this trip, Zatlers answered evasively, saying it was a mournful time for him was very heavy and now the most important is to help the victims of the tragedy and find responsible for нее.

Two days after the events in Zolitude, Valdis Zatlers, with his wife Лилитой visited the show designer Juozas Статкевичюса in Lithuania. "On the show Juozas I go every year. I like his plays, so I really couldn't miss this," said Zatlers told journalists on Saturday вечером.

Zatlers explained that participation in the event is a manifestation of respect for Статкевичюсу and the entire Lithuanian nation. "In difficult times we need to stick together," he said. Zatlers admitted that considered the possibility to cancel a trip, but then refused the idea. "Despite the tragic events, we need to look forward, to think about what to do to prevent such tragedies", - explained он.

"I think it is important to maintain contacts with other, especially in neighbouring countries. I am grateful to Lithuania for support in a difficult minute. Druzhba Narodov allows you to understand how important humanity", - said ex-президент.