The U.S. Senate approved the first of the above documents on 18 December. It will allow to avoid another suspension of the work of the U.S. government that could happen early next year. This document was developed by representatives of both parties-democratic Senator Patty Murray and Congressman-Republican Paul Ryan, reminds ITAR-ТАСС.

The document provides steps to reduce the budget deficit to $ 23 billion. It is not just about reducing individual items of expenditure, but also about increasing the fees to the state Treasury. It is expected that implementation of such measures should bring the budget within the next decade additional 85 billion долларов.

As said White house spokesman Jay Carney in regard to the second document, he "determine the costs for the Department of defense programs and projects on military construction, the Department of energy in the field of ensuring national security".

In addition, we are talking about the programs of the U.S. Department of transportation, connected with ensuring the security of the sea and of a number of other направлений.

The document establishes the basic costs Пентагонаfor fiscal year 2014, which has already started on October 1, in the amount of 526,8 billion dollars. According to the experts, this will strengthen the capacity of the defense Ministry for the destruction of the Syrian chemical weapons, and also simplify the tasks of the administration of the U.S. transportation of prisoners military prison Гуантанамоin the countries which are ready to accept them. The U.S. Congress approved the document in the middle of декабря.

On the issue of Guantanamo White домcirculated a detailed statement of Obama. "I repeatedly called on Congress to cooperate with my administration over the closure of the military prison at the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The fact that it continues to work, weakens our national security. This puts a massive strain our resources, and harm relations with our key allies and partners, and encourages the extremists", - noted Обама.

He also reminded that "during the past several years, Congress's failure to act in this direction. However, the President stressed, taking in mid-December, a document on defence spending, lawmakers have a positive step in this matter".

According to him, "article 1035 this law gave the authorities more opportunities for the transportation of prisoners to other countries,".

He noted that contributed to the mitigation of strict limitations, which hinder negotiations with foreign States and prevent the intention of the Executive power regarding how to transfer prisoners".

At the same time, Obama drew attention to the fact that this article "does not remove all unnecessary restrictions". Nevertheless, the President said it "represents an improvement of the current legislation and is a positive step towards the closing of the prison" in Гуантанамо.

In addition, the President acknowledged that a number of other articles of this law maintains restrictions, which diminish the possibilities of Executive power".

In particular, according to him, we are talking about bans on "use without the approval of the Congress to appropriate funds for the construction or modernization of any (prison) on American territory or attempts to place any prisoner of Guantanamo under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of defense of the USA".

The same applies to restrictions of financing of transferring Guantanamo detainees to the United States. "Prison in Guantanamo continues to prove costly to the American people," Obama said. He pledged to cooperate with Congress in the implementation of the additional steps required for closing the".