For the next ten days each club Championship will hold 4 matches and yesterday was the first of this series. "Reading" and the captain of the national team of Latvia Kaspar Горкшstayed at the Vice-leader of the tournament "Leicester".

Home team won thanks to a goal from the penalty spot at the 21st minute of the match and went out in leaders of the Championship, because going to the 22nd round of the first "Барнли" lost yesterday "middlsbro" - 0:1.

Горкш spent in the field all 90 minutes and a couple of times threatened the rival after the drawing of standard situations. By the way, the only kick for the match against reading FC in the asset just the Latvian defender.

After the second consecutive failures in the championship, "Reding went back outside the top six, giving season right to participate in the playoffs, with 34 points now takes the 8th place. 29 December Горкш&will host the "middlsbro".