The tournament grid "Серветту" fell start the tournament with a meeting with the representative of the American hockey League Rochester U.S. Pro". And eighth on the club's strongest Swiss League left no options team the second strength of the North American division - 5:0.

The scoring was opened by just Daugavins, and Servette played at that moment in the minority. It happened in the first period, and the middle of the second Kaspar was hit in the head and neck area from Luke Adams. For this technique Adams was removed prior to the end of the meeting, and with Даугавиньшем, fortunately, nothing bad happened, and he continued игру.

Punish "Americans" in this time of "Серветта" failed, but in the end of the second third of the second drawing of most successful Swiss club. And again Daugavins contributed to a goal, giving an effective pass on Гаретта Стефорда - 2:0.

In the final 20 minutes of hockey players and the Swiss team has thrice disappointed representative АХЛand made the score devastating - 5:0. It is interesting that in the end of the meeting the scuffle was the Keeper of the "Rochester" Frederick Rua, the son of the legendary goalkeeper Patrick Руа. During the unsuccessful evolving game he replaced at the gate Michael Hackett, but after removal to the end of the match, he again was forced to join the игру.

In the second match of the day team Canada, composed mainly of the players playing in the Swiss clubs, defeated the Czech Vitkovice" - 5:4. Tomorrow in the struggle for Cup Шпенглераtake CSKA Moscow, which will start the tournament with a game against "Rochester U.S. Pro".

Goal Даугавиньша