Photo by Vitaly Мозертом in Riga on 26 December 2013 года.

28 and 29 December, according to forecasts, the air warms up to 4... 8 degrees. On Friday, 27 December, the record is likely to stand in 2011 on this day in the whole country was 8-10 degrees of heat.

The weather at the end of December will be cloudy with clearings. The most significant precipitation are expected in Kurzeme. Starting Monday the temperature begins снижаться.

We have already reported that this week in many areas of Latvia record warm weather. On Wednesday, December 25, in Daugavpils, the air temperature was 6.5 degrees of 1.5 degrees more than the previous record, recorded in 1980. S hortly all previous records were beaten in the whole Latgale, as well as in some areas Видземе.