The correct answer: if there is no money, it is better to make something with your own hands. In all other cases help buying very inexpensive gift that will feed the wolves, the sheep and save. How about a gift, say, within 1 LVL? And not just for the sake of it, as though with some practical value?

Before you have a small list of однолатовых gifts that can be completed in the comments. Happy new year!

Fridge magnet. Latvian magnets, by the way, is incomparably better китайских.
100 grams of vodka in a plastic tub. Look for the alcoholic departments супермаркетов.
Bottle of "Borjomi" or kefir activated уголь.Can be useful to утро.
Sparklers and lighter. A new year's eve fireworks not бывает.
Aromatic or decorative свечи.Create атмосферу.
Christmas toy. Might be able to find retro toy on the "flea market".
On the evening of 31 December - Christmas tree. The sellers are willing to serious скидкам.
Rare DVD. We are against piracy, but some movies or series are not legally купить.
Balloon with helium. Improve the mood любому.
Collection of crossword puzzles or судоку.
A liter of gasoline. Enough for 10-15 километров.
Card prepaid phone with a nice number. Prepaid card, Okarte, Bite or something else... is useful In the household!
Kinder surprise. Universal gift for детей.
The journal. Or newspaper to more нравится.
Eau de Cologne "Triple" or "Flower". Can be useful for дезинфекции.
Really nice postcard. The good old "lamp", written by hand, personal greeting with warm words - бесценно.
Funny little rubber toy (horse?). Convenient to knead hands and aiming to throw pesky коллег.
Bag of мандаринами. Smell good for the health полезно
Chocolate Grandfather Мороз.And festive mood поднимает.
Woven little pocketbook for coins in the form of носка. In connection with the transition to the Euro could be useful.
Something of стекла.Beautiful flute original form, a glass of Burgundy-red glass, stylish mug, which never hurts.
Hourglass . Write in quotes, because they only sand, and, in fact, decorative. Instead of sand, they glowed with colored liquid.
Frame for фотографии. In it, by the way, you can insert your photo and give an arc on the memory. Or you can draw something and paste it in a frame. Make a collage of desires of your friend. In General get to be creative and soul. Each will you признателен.
Beautiful блокнот.In the new year with a new plan to life. Always пригодится.
Glass holder for storing колец.Your mom, sister, colleague or girl friend, she will thank you. And you pleasure will cost лат.
Souvenirs stone with надписью. The inscription choose yourself: Peace, Love, or something else.
Unusual брелок.
Beautiful box for storage специй.And spices there sprinkle. That was on new year's - the best of vanilla or cinnamon. Well, or a set of spices for глинтвейна.