Berzins pointed out that while BUT was not consider this candidacy, since it no one put forward, however, assured that the Нацобъединения and Страуюмы many shared vision of the situation in the sphere of agriculture.

In particular, this applies to the use of land, and restrictions in the acquisition of land plots. Also, as Mr Gaidis Berzins, BUT Лаймдоты Страуюмы General idea about creation of the state land фонда.

As already it was informed earlier, the Minister of agriculture Лаймдоте Страуюме offered to become a candidate for the post of Prime Minister of Latvia. She admitted that part of the conversation on this topic. However Страуюма not told any additional details about the expressed her sentence. It is not reported from whom it was offered her to become a candidate for the post of the head of the Latvian правительства.

"Now festive time, and therefore publicly comment on this subject too early", - explained Страуюма.