Additional costs encounter as those who provide public utility services and their recipients. To introduce a system of direct payments, companies will have to develop a system of customer service and by the fight persistent debtors, which would entail additional costs, which should repay consumers услуг.

Also consumers should take into account the fact that additional costs may be due to a Commission платы.

Recall, December 19, the Seimas approved in the final reading amendments to the law on the management of residential houses, which provide that in the future people will be able to pay your utility service providers without mediation of management. "This opportunity will be one of the solutions to the problem of debts, because the people, by concluding direct contracts with service providers will no longer be forced to pay intermediaries, who do not consider it necessary to pay for heat, water and other services", - stated the Chairman is responsible for the amendment of the parliamentary Commission on Affairs of a state administration and self-governments Sergey Долгополов.

Tenants are able to directly pay for heating, gas, water supply, sewage, waste disposal and electricity in the common areas. The law provides for the preservation and the former order of transactions through the управляющих.

"We respect the law and will provide such an opportunity, but this will not happen in a week and not a month", - said the Agency LETA press-Secretary of the enterprise Rigas ūdens Arturs Муцениекс.

The new system of payment for provided services will help to solve the problem of dishonest managers who are doing обхозяйствованием houses, arrogate to themselves the money of the residents. However, Arturs Муцениекс believes that this problem can be solved in another way, for example by strengthening the control over the enterprises engaged in обхозяйствованием housing.

According to the forecasts of SIA Rigas siltums, a new procedure of payments for services will substantially increase the amount of work with clients, but will also require additional expenses: the delivery of the accounts of individual customers for the purchase of new computer programs, salaries for new employees. According to preliminary data, during the year the costs of the recipient of services in this regard will increase by 30 lats.

The representatives of SIA Rigas ūdens and AS Rigas siltums unanimously noted, that the system of direct payments will not save honest payers of the situation when the whole house for a large debt off the heating or water, because in the absolute majority of apartment houses impossible to turn off the water or heating a particular debtor, i.e., in any case, the service is deprived of all дом.