7 Interesting But Weird And Newsworthy Facts You Did Not Know About Mattresses

The mattress industry claims to have discovered new, miracle mattress building materials, every now and again.  They also claim to have the solution to all your sleeping problems.

1. Bigger price, bigger comfort? It is recommended to not pay exorbitant prices for a new mattress.  The higher price of a mattress will not automatically mean that you will experience a better quality of sleep or better sleep, for that matter.

2. Before platform beds and spring mattresses; a mattress would have been laid on top of cross-woven ropes that were stretched across wooden frames.

3. Your mattress is recyclable: Most people do not know what to do when a mattress is not used anymore and need to be cast aside.  Because a mattress is big and bulky you can send it to be used as filler somewhere.  But, actually, a mattress is fully recyclable.  The metal and springs can be used again.  Fibres and wood can become a source of fuel and fabrics and foams can be used as padding in other products.

4. Most bought mattress: A study found that that the most favourite bed, are the memory foam mattresses, followed by a waterbed.  Innerspring beds came third.  The bed that is bought most, however, is the innerspring bed.

5. The Innerspring mattress was invented around 1871 but only began to gain popularity in the 1930’s as upholstered mattresses.

6. The origin of mattresses: The word mattress is derived from an Arabic word which means “to throw something down”.  This action comes from the time where everybody slept on the floor on cushions.

7. Mattresses changed through time: After the Roman Empire’s fall, mattresses disappeared.  The “Middle Ages” used furs to cover benches to sleep upon.  Later, mattresses were filled with various types of things, for instance, straw, and covered with silk or velvet.

Mattresses are mostly a common; every day used, innovation, with the biggest revolution in its history, probably, being, to simply raise them from lying flat on the floor.