Does The Price Of A Good Mattress Really Reflect The True Manufacturing Cost?

Mattresses are expensive.  Advertising will have it that you do not buy a cheaper mattress because it won’t deliver the rest that your body needs every day.  Health-research also showed that enough sleep is needed every night to ensure that your body and brain function at its best.  An incorrect mattress can deprive you of a good night’s rest.

But, does a more expensive mattress really make that big a difference in the quality of your sleep?  What makes a more expensive mattress, more expensive?

Why are Mattresses so Expensive:

1. An investigation into pricing in the mattress industry showed that the markup on mattresses is around 300%, which ensure huge profits for retailers. Manufacturers and retailers work closely together to make it difficult to compare prices across the industry.  No bed-shop will receive mattresses with the same name or colour.  The materials might be different in a small way, but, essentially, the mattresses are exactly the same.

2. Certain materials can and will add value to a mattress. These materials are Cotton, Wool, and springs with a higher coil count, Botanical Latex, Natural Fibres, locally sourced materials and certified organic materials.

3. A flippable, (turnable) two-sided mattress will more than double a mattresses’ life-span and therefore definitely add value.

Things that do not add any extra value: 

The “No Flip”, “Can’t Flip” mattress.

Added thickness extras, (of any kind), to any mattress.

Adding poly foams for no actual reason will not enhance or change anything about the product.

Consumers accept and pay the prices asked for mattresses.  Mattresses mostly look the same and the consumer does not know what is going on inside the mattress.  For all they know it consists of the cheapest materials available, therefore, they trust that by buying the more expensive versions, you will be sure to get the better deal.

However, paying a higher price for a mattress will not ensure a better sleep.

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